CTIA Show Highlights Insight is the Next Commodity

IBM’s SVP of Global Business Service Bridget van Kralingen said the end game is not to merely extract insight in the world of big data, even though there is amazing power in looking at all of it. In the IBM bi-annual survey of 1700 CEOs, all stated they feared being left behind, but also recognized the great market potential. These CEOs said customer insight is getting more investments with analytics and insights becoming a core capability of their organizations.


Lifes Not a dream! its all realality!

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Lov'in Life

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                 Think of life as a pencil you can always erase your mistakes!


my nautical themed sleeve, done in Tempe, AZ at No Regrets tattoo. Done by Bob Gibson, and Eric Van Dyk! 


Cardiff After Dark: Maciej Dakowicz’s new photo book casts an intimately voyeuristic eye on the late-night life of hard partiers.